My role: marketing strategist, project manager, content marketer, designer, copywriter

To support the business objectives of the Liberty Mutual partnership program, I manage the strategy, deployment and measurement of all B2B marketing initiatives for the Voluntary Auto and Home Insurance program, as well as new departmental initiatives like the Ecosystems Renters API.

Customer-facing employees had previously created their own presentations for brokers and employer prospects, leading to disjointed messaging and much room for creative improvements. I oversaw a months-long research initiative of the competitive landscape and development of a value proposition to use throughout every touch point and redesigned the marketing collateral and strategy to be a more cohesive and effective unit.


Through building a strategy from the ground up, expanding on existing marketing tactics, and exploring new ones, I've expedited creative development timelines, driven significant cost savings, and generated new leads for the sales team that have led to new partnerships for the organization.

I have managed creative development, lead generation, and nurture tactics including:

  • Paid social

  • Organic social

  • Presentation design

  • Sponsored webinars

  • Printed collateral

  • Event planning

  • Email marketing

  • Conference management
    and more