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Hi,  I'm  Ally 👋🏻

I am a creative problem solver and design leader with a passion for purpose-driven work, who brings a keen eye for a design and a strategic mindset to everything I do. 

A graphic designer by trade, I parlayed my skill set into roles in marketing strategy before returning to creative direction, which has allowed me to bring a unique perspective to all of my work, understanding the importance of both visual and strategic elements of any project.

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in visually communicating complex narratives in clear and innovative ways through creative problem solving, stakeholder collaboration and leveraging data-driven insights.

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Having spent 7 years in marketing for both B2B and D2C organizations, I've worked on a number of projects spanning social media, thought leadership, event management, brand strategy, content marketing, and print collateral.


A creative storyteller by nature, I've spent much of my career working with executive leadership, sales professionals and fellow marketers to develop compelling, clear and innovative decks and keynotes.

*Work is password protected


My career is rooted in traditional graphic design, including marketing materials, digital and large-scale signage, emails, web banners, and more. My work flexes across a number of industries and  mediums, from sports and entertainment, to insurance and fintech.